Blues City Cultural Center, Inc. is a thirty year old community arts/social service organization that promotes leadership and empowerment via the arts and communications. This innovative institution has worked in the areas of training and leadership with a myriad of organizations such as Memphis City Schools, Leadership Memphis, Memphis Housing Authority, Oklahoma City Schools, Southwest Tennessee Community College, Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, and Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau, Mobile Convention Center, and the Neighborhood Christian Center. What sets Blues City apart from other organizations that train is that BCCC incorporates the arts (performing and visual) in its unique approach that inspires people to participate there by creating a “Buy In”. The motto for the each training session is “the answer is in the room”. Each participant has been invited to the training session because they are a piece of the puzzle that can create a better working environment. If you walk into a BCCC workshop you might see participants molding clay, designing a quilt, composing a song or taping a commercial. The company utilizes such activities to release the untapped creativity and leadership potential in individuals (employers, employees, congregations, students, or clients) that is often times overlooked. “My mind came alive when I got involved with Seek to Serve” said Jean Evans a resident of Borda Towers, “I had had a stroke and just sat in my apartment looking at the four walls. But now I doing more at church and for my neighbors.”

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BCCC offers Four Major Programs.

Blues City Cultural Center, Inc.
Board Members 2011-2012
Staff and Co-founders

Mr. William Jones - FedEx Express, Ramp Tower Controller

Robert Washington - Nspirer

Ms. Danielle Schonbaum - Seedco, Sr. Program Associate

Willie Jean Evans
Charlene Jones
Ms. Cynthia Allen
Ms. Mae Catherine Coins
Mrs. Gwen Cranshaw
Willie Jean Evans, retired
Mr. Levi Frazier III
Walter Kimbrough
Ricco Mitchell
Mr. Tyrone Moore
Darnell Moses
Harold Shaw, Jr.
Mrs. Francine Washington
Mrs. Betsy Waugh


Staff and Co-founders

Mr. Levi Frazier Jr., - Assoc. Prof, Southwest Tennessee Community College
Managing Director, Blues City Cultural Center

Deborah Frazier, - Project Director, Blues City Cultural Center
Project Director, Blues City Cultural Center

Seek to Serve
Seek to Serve - A 9 month Servant Leadership program for low income grassroots leaders.
Peace in the House
Peace In The House - A peace promotion and character building workshop for youth.
The Hope DayZone
The Hope DayZone - will provide a daytime drop in center for homeless women and their children. Through a holistic approach,